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Power Sharing Class 10
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Power Sharing Class 10

Dear readers, here we are providing a Power Sharing Class 10 PDF to all of you. Power Sharing is one of the most important topics in political science. If you are a class – 10 student and want to learn the basic fundamentals of democracy then you should learn Power Sharing Class 10 PDF.

The process of distribution of the power of a country or a region amongst the different parts or organs of any particular government such as the judiciary, executive, and legislature can be defined as power sharing. Several countries have achieved stability in the best way in order of maintaining a political calm with the help of this process.

Apart from that, power sharing also involves sharing power along with the different district levels such as local, state, and union. We ensure that the Power Sharing pdf will help you to learn more about this particular subject and will prove helpful to you.

Power Sharing Class 10 PDF

Here are some examples of power sharing. Which of the four types of power sharing do these represent? Who is sharing power with whom ?

  • The Bom bay High Court ordered the Maharashtra state government to immediately take action and improve living conditions for the 2,000-odd children at seven children’s homes in Mumbai.
  • The government of Ontario state in Canada has agreed to a land claim settlement with the aboriginal community. The Minister responsible for Native Affairs announced that the government will work with aboriginal people in a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation.
  • Russia’s two influential political parties, the Union of Right Forces and the Liberal Yabloko Movement, agreed to unite their organizations into a strong right-wing coalition. They propose to have a com m on the list of candidates in the next parliamentary elections.
  • The finance ministers of various states in Nigeria got together and demanded that the federal government declares its sources of income. They also wanted to know the formula by which the revenue is distributed to various state governments

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