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Quantum Healing Codes

Dear readers, today we are going to share Quantum Healing Codes PDF for all of you. Divine healing codes are a quantum tool that is used for healing. In another word, they change the reality on a quantum level. Through our post, you can get the Quantum Healing Codes in pdf format which can be very useful for you.

The basic premise of divine healing codes is that numbers are nature’s way of communicating and that everything can be explained with numbers. For example, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers is a geometrical proportion. It is found everywhere in nature, from how flowers grow to the shape of the universe.

The order goes as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and on to infinity. Each number is the sum of the previous two. This series of numbers is known as the Fibonacci numbers or the Fibonacci sequence. To know more information related to this topic you can read this article properly.

Quantum Healing Codes

keep existing whether we understand them or not. Let’s look at how these quantum
healing codes are said to work.

There are three really simple ways to use them:

  1. Writing it on the part of the body that has discomfort, or writing it on a sticker and placing that sticker on the body where there is discomfort.
  2. Writing it in the air over the part of the body that has discomfort
  3. Typing out the number on your phone or tablet and then holding that device over the body part.

It is also said that you set an intention for your quantum code and then add that in the ways just listed to your food or water before consuming them. How much practice, desire, intent, and trust you hold will make the difference in the healing you receive.

When using this practice, you balance the energy in your body so it can achieve self-healing. This is energy healing, much like Reiki. If you are experienced with energy healing, this could be a great alternative or addition to the practices you already use.

These codes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are under a doctor’s care or feel as though you need to be under a doctor’s care, please seek the advice of that doctor before attempting to replace any treatment.

From the creators of this list:

The Healing Codes are going to be organized by Systems, and this document will be updated as more and more Healing Codes ‘come through’ from Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael, and Source.

They are a gift from Spirit and are to be used for free, and freely shared. Here is a reminder from both Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn, the first originators of the codes. All documents pertaining to their discovery are listed in the references at the bottom of the page. Please note that Marc has closed his blog and some links from him may not show up.

Isabel Henn asks for this to be included in this document from this time forward–at the request of Divine Mother:

This assembly of codes and the instruction on how to use them is NEVER to be sold, but always to be shared freely and without any claim or exchange. It is written for free use by all humans and all beings as I give the codes for free use by ALL.

Each human, each being has a right to use these codes free and without charge. It is also not allowed to change this assembly unless I give my appropriate personal order for this. Without the authorization through me or as a transfer
against the exchange, the codes will be useless, because they request a certain consciousness and a certain frequency level of the people so that they can be used.

I tell you this to stop any ideas for this purpose before they even begin. This is a living document, all new codes and the links to the messages shall be integrated here.

And please remember the spaces in the number sequences as they are important. Without them, the codes won’t work but it would lead too far to explain it here. Be careful to write the number codes correctly.”


Know that they will improve with practice in their use.

The spaces between the numbers are IMPORTANT–be sure to copy them exactly as written for them to work.

There are three ways to use the codes:

  1. write it on the part of the body, or on a sticker and stick it on the body anywhere in the aura.
  2. write it in the air over the part of the body
  3. pull up anything that has the numbers on it online, on your phone or tablet, and make the number big on the screen, and hold it over the body part or food item you wish to apply the code with the intent to use it.

It is your practice, skill, desire, intent, and trust that will make the difference in the Healing going from THEM through you and your aura to help what you desire to be fixed.

There is also a powerful influence of the energies that are on Gaia at this time, they have not been this high since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria–think of it as an ‘Energy Soup’ which provides the essential healing energy for these codes to work, too. The higher the vibration, the better these codes are going to work, in every way.


Yes. There is no harm in mixing these codes. They can be used as often as desired to achieve the result you seek.


  • This is energy healing. It is like Reiki. Reiki always helps and has no side effects. However, healing can take place on deeper levels than what meets the eye.
  • Illness is the result of an energy imbalance that is very difficult for most people besides psychic healers to see. When the imbalance is not corrected, it manifests in the physical body. So remember when you are using energy medicine, the healing goes to both the underlying energy imbalance and the physical.
  • Sometimes the physical heals first, like in my son. Sometimes the deeper healing takes place. Either way, healing is happening, and you will have to trust in it.


  • Perhaps in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, they once did. However, today, with illness, there is a trend towards healing that I call ‘Whatever Works!’–or ‘Take The Best And Leave The Rest.
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto, a wonderful healer, insists that all his patients continue their standard treatment, and
    his water ‘balancing’ energy healing is a layer that goes along with it.
  • This is what I recommend to you–think of these codes as powerful ‘layers’ to add to your overall healing–much like the Reiki I give to my patients in the O.R. during their surgery. Remember that medicine, and medical intuition, are also the ones that give the diagnosis and the treatment plan.
  • They are familiar with the disease and its natural progression. It is good to have someone with this knowledge to track your progress, and perhaps, see the miracle of the healing codes directly through their result on your efforts!

Below are a few examples of the divine healing codes that can be used:

(1) The Central Nervous System


23 74 555 to heal headaches in general

58 33 554 to heal migraine

95 96 562 for migraine which does not respond to 58 33 554 or headache otherwise not responding to 23 74 555–for example, headache with the onset of flu or cold

42 37 346 for eye irritation, especially that which is associated with headache

Back Pain

71 81 533 for back pain in general

71 91 334 for lumbago

87 47 838 for problems with the sciatic nerve

78 78 833 for prolapsed intervertebral disc

89 87 438 for a bulging or herniated intervertebral disc

Chronic Pain

23 31 443 for chronic pain in general

45 46 162 for shingles

91 582 7139 for addiction to pain medications

91 278 596 for obsessive thoughts about managing pain

92 367 9342 to close pain gate receptors linked to complex regional pain


17 16 911 for shoulder pain in general


78 89 535 for first aid in strokes on the way to definitive treatment at the hospital

54 32 175 for recovery from a stroke

69 78 55123 to remember how to eat, chew, and swallow after grave neurological injury or long-term intubation

Neurological Deficit, Degeneration Symptoms and Infectious Disease

66 51 816 for those who suffer anoxic brain injury to strengthen, if it is in their life contract for this, for it to begin

88 21 233 for herpes viruses

33 45 634 for cellular damages of any sort

88 33 421 for the hardness of hearing and deafness

46 19 551 for presbyacusis (hearing loss with old age)

87 89 114 for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

55 96 183 for cerebral palsy

41 57 051 for the recovery from Guillan-Barré and all its sequelae

53 59 816 for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD)

45 96 151 for multiple sclerosis in general

19 86 116 for multiple sclerosis relapsing and remitting

81 23 7961 for Parkinson’s Disease

29 56 932 for dementia

25 49 563 for Alzheimer’s dementia (may be used together with 29 56 932)

07 43 131 for diabetes insipidus

65 57 142 for neuropathy and nerve damage from all causes

69 78 55123 to remember how to eat, chew, and swallow after grave neurological injury or long-term intubation

34 56 879 for Tinnitus

72 52 594 to restore grip strength (loss of grip in hands)

98 72 7458 for trigeminal neuralgia

11 21 495 for insomnia that is of long-standing

56 17 112 for insomnia that is situational, due to noise, travel, heat

46 19 207 for insomnia that is due to overwhelming life stress and worries

33 72 413 for dyslexia and other learning disorders

40 04 100 for vertigo (you feel as if the room is spinning)

30 13 103 to ease dizziness

23 66 182 973 437 9 for paralysis

22 11 377 to improve memory

23 22 941 760 9395 for everyday forgetfulness and misplacing things

II A: For Psychological Concerns In General


84 72 723 for addiction

56 17 998 for those who have reached sobriety to avoid relapse

01 61 510 for those who suffer from addiction of all kinds, and for their family and friends whose lives are affected by the addiction of a loved one

55 65 569 for those who experience anger management issues, and for those who are around them (this can be given to someone who is yelling at everybody–just think it)

456 923 8484 79256 to assist with the breaking of bad habits

78 19 335 for eating disorder

25 65 993 for morbid obesity and all its sequelae

25 36 397 for the disease of alcohol and its abuses

99 61 553 to heal all dependence on smoking–tobacco and non-tobacco options

91 582 7139 for addiction to pain medications

91 278 596 for obsessive thoughts about managing pain

92 367 9342 to close pain gate receptors linked to complex regional pain syndrome

Anxiety and Depression

40 50 666 for agoraphobia

29 38 516 for anxiety which is performance-related

11 66 767 for anxiety and fear of medical procedures

11 25 612 for anxiety of hospitals and healthcare in general

33 49 586 for anxiety due to separation between mother and child; for homesickness

64 07 991 for nail-biting, hair pulling, and other obsessive-compulsive type anxiety behaviours

25 36 933 for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

53 14 80853 for betrayal and the wounds of betrayal

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