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Rate My Professor
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Rate My Professor

Dear readers, here we are offering Rate My Professor PDF to all of you. RateMyProfessors.com is a review site which is owned by Paramount Media Networks. This website was founded in May 1999. Initially, this website was launched as TeacherRatings.com and later it was renamed as RateMyProfessors in 2001.

This website collects data from 426 instructors at the University of Maine. It also used a variable for the number of ratings a faculty member might have, to control for any tendency for a number of ratings to associate with high or low clarity, helpfulness, or easiness.

Rate My Professor PDF

Dependent variable Unstandardized


Variable Average clarity

(standard error)

Average helpfulness

(standard error)

(Constant) 3.86** (.14) 3.92** (.14)
Variability in easiness −.20** (.05) −.22** (.05)
Female gender −.21 (.13) −.20 (.13)
Carnegie Classification: Master’s −.02 (.21) −.02 (.22)
Carnegie Classification: Baccalaureate—General −.21 (.21) −.04 (.21)
Carnegie Classification: Associate’s Colleges .24 (.14) .24 (.14)
Academic Area: English −.28 (.20) −.07 (.20)
Academic Area: Mathematics −.70** (.25) −.53* (.25)
Academic Area: Business .25 (.25) .13 (.26)
Academic Area: Computer Science −.20 (.28) −.21 (.29)
Hotness ratio 1.06** (.18) 1.00** (.18)
Multiple ratings −.11 (.13) −.05 (.13)
Adjusted R squared 0.145 0.131
F statistic 7.14** 6.45**
n 399 399

Note: *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.

Rate My Professor PDF Key Points

  • Easiness:

This is definitely the most controversial of the three rating categories, which is why it is NOT included in the ‘Overall Quality rating. Although we do not necessarily condone it, it is certainly true that many students decide what class to take based on the difficulty of the teacher. When rating a teacher’s easiness, ask yourself ‘How easy are the classes that this professor teaches? Is it possible to get an A without too much work?’

  • Helpfulness:

This category rates the professor’s helpfulness and approachability. Is the professor approachable and nice? Is the professor rude, arrogant or just plain mean? Is the professor willing to help you after class?

  • Clarity:

This is the most important of the three categories, at least to many people. How well does the professor convey the class topics? Is the professor clear in his/her presentation? Is the professor organized and does the professor use class time effectively?

  • Overall quality:

The overall quality rating is the average of a teacher’s helpfulness and clarity ratings and is what determines the type of ‘smiley face’ that the Professor receives. Due to Downloaded At 23:26 17 December 2010 popular demand, a teacher’s easiness rating is NOT used when computing the overall quality rating, since an easiness of 5 may actually mean the teacher is TOO easy.

  •  Hotness:

It’s fun but has a deeper significance. Beauty and attractiveness may have a payoff in some occupations.

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