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Restaurant Industry Award Rates 2022

Here in this article, we have brought for you Restaurant Industry Award Rates 2022 PDF. In this Restaurant Industry Awards summary (document), we detail some of the key provisions of the Restaurant Industry Awards 2020, including the types of businesses it covers, the different levels of employee classification under the award, and guidance on employee eligibility. .

The award includes a number of provisions that are unusual in modern award systems including; the concept of part-time employees with “guaranteed hours” and “available periods”; The right to pay for public holidays, even if the employee was not due (in certain circumstances), and the obligation to pay an annual wage of 25% above the minimum weekly wage set out in the award.

Restaurant Industry Award Rates 2022 PDF – Overview

Minimum Rates of Pay

Employee Classification Hourly Pay Rate ($)
Adult – Full-Time & Part-Time
Hourly Pay Rate ($)
Adult – Casual
Introductory level $20.33 $25.41
Level 1 – food and beverage attendant grade 1 $20.92 $26.15
Level 1 – kitchen attendant grade 1 $20.92 $26.15
Level 2 – food and beverage attendant grade 2 $21.72 $27.15
Level 2 – restaurant/cafe worker grade 1 $21.72 $27.15
Level 2 – cook grade 1 $21.72 $27.15
Level 2 – kitchen attendant grade 2 $21.72 $27.15
Level 2 – clerical grade 1 $21.72 $27.15
Level 2 – storeperson grade 1 $21.72 $27.15
Level 2 – door person/security officer grade 1 $21.72 $27.15
Level 3 – food and beverage attendant grade 3 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – restaurant/cafe worker grade 2 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – cook grade 2 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – kitchen attendant grade 3 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – clerical grade 2 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – storeperson grade 2 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – timekeeper/security officer grade 2 $22.46 $28.08
Level 3 – handyperson $22.46 $28.08
Level 4 – food and beverage attendant grade 4 (tradesperson) $23.67 $29.59
Level 4 – cook grade 3 (tradesperson) $23.67 $29.59
Level 4 – chef grade 1 (tradesperson) $23.67 $29.59
Level 4 – clerical grade 3 $23.67 $29.59
Level 4 – storeperson grade 3 $23.67 $29.59
Level 5 – food and beverage supervisor $25.16 $31.45
Level 5 – restaurant/cafe worker grade 3 $25.16 $31.45
Level 5 – cook grade 4 (tradesperson) $25.16 $31.45
Level 5 – chef grade 2 (tradesperson) $25.16 $31.45
Level 5 – clerical supervisor $25.16 $31.45
Level 6 – cook grade 5 (tradesperson) $25.83 $32.29
Level 6 – chef grade 3 (tradesperson) $25.83 $32.29

This summary includes guidance on temporary changes to the Restaurant Industry Awards that took effect on 11 August 2021 and will initially last for 12 months. They provide for:

  1. An optional simplified classification structure;
  2. The ability for an employer and a senior employee (such as a supervisor, head chef, etc.) to agree to pay a higher flat rate of pay instead of overtime or penalty rates for 57 hours per week (“discount rate”) ;
  3. The ability for employers and employees to agree to pay a flat allowance rate, in place of allowances arising under restaurant rewards (“option allowances”).

Coverage of the Restaurant Industry Award

The Restaurant Industry Award 2020 covers employers and employees working in the “restaurant industry”, the Award states this includes:

  • Restaurants;
  • Cafes;
  • Reception centres;
  • Night clubs;
  • Catering by a restaurant business.

The Award does not generally cover:

  • Restaurants that are associated with a hotel or pub (which would normally be covered by the Hospitality Industry (General) Awards 2020);
  • Establishments where food is taken off-premises (which would normally be covered by the Fast Food Industry Award 2010);
  • Restaurants of registered clubs (which would normally be covered by the Registered and Licensed Club Awards 2010);
  • Catering services are provided by in-flight catering or aged care employers for airlines.

Restaurant Industry Award Classifications

Rewards Schedule A – Sets up a classification structure based on the tasks performed by employees in the classification structure and definitions. Each classification has a uniform minimum rate of pay. Employers can also use a new optional simplified classification structure from 11 August 2021 – see end of this summary.

The classification structure in Schedule A is structured so that unless an employee has an “appropriate level of training”, they cannot be classified higher than Level 2, even if they are performing the duties of a more responsible role. be. “Appropriate level of training” means that the employee must have either a relevant qualification or has been assessed as an equivalent skill by a qualified skills assessor.

Restaurant Industry Award Rates 2022 – Introductory Level

  • No prior hospitality experience and unable to demonstrate the skills and competencies of level one;
  • For a maximum of three months or until the employee demonstrates the skills and competencies of level one.

Restaurant Industry Award Rates Annualised Salary Arrangements

Instead of paying full-time and part-time employees according to each hour they work, an employee can agree with their employer that they will be paid an annual salary based on the following:

  • The annual salary must be paid at a rate equal to or more than at least 25% of the minimum weekly rate set forth in the award, multiplied by 52 weeks;
  • The 25% loading is designed to compensate for overtime, penalty rates and split shift allowances – so employers are not required to pay these (which are stated below!) Annual leave loading is not included in the 25% loading, So employers will still have to pay it (or increase the salary to cover this entitlement);
  • The employer must make an annual reconciliation of the wages for which the employee was paid if the employee would have been paid hourly under the award, which would include all overtime and penalty rate payment obligations based on the actual work pattern. Huh;
  • To do this, the employer must keep all records relating to the start and end times of employees under the annual pay arrangement, which must be signed by the employee weekly;
  • Where the comparison shows a reduction in the employee’s salary, the employee should be paid the difference between the wages earned under the award and the actual amount paid.

When overtime applies

Full-time and part-time employees:

Overtime rates are payable when a full or part-time employee works:

  • Outside of their rostered hours;
  • More than an average of 38 hours per week over the roster cycle (maximum 4 weeks);
  • Over 11.5 hours in any one day, exclusive of unpaid meal break times (or if under 18 years old, more than 10 hours per day);
  • More than 3 x 10-hour days in a row without a 48-hour break immediately afterward;
  • More than 8 days of 10 hours in a 4-week roster;
  • A broken shift that spans more than 12 hours in one day or shift.

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