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RTI Form Haryana
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RTI Form Haryana

Dear Readers, today we are here to provide you the RTI Form Haryana PDF for giving full information about it. The full form of RTI is ‘Right to Information’ and its act is called as Right to Information Act. This Act was implemented in 2005, under which a citizen of the country has been given a right to get information about all the arrangements of the government. The arrangements here mean inspection of any government file, information about public works work, details of corruption on the part of the government, the proposed budget of the schemes, the amount allocated, etc.

The Right to Information Act was enacted to demand an account of the money spent on government works by the Government of India. Which provides information about the expenditure of government money. The Right to Information Act was implemented across the country on 12 October 2005. Which was implemented to prevent rigging like corruption, scams, tax evasion. Its basic objective is to promote transparency, empower citizens and accountability in the work of the government. RTI is also seen as a tool to control corruption to a large extent. RTI As per Section 6(1) of the Act, an application can be filed in writing before the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the concerned public authority from whom the information is required.

RTI Form Haryana PDF

Name of the Act Right to Information Act
Implemented 12 October 2005
Department Income tax department
 Beneficiaries Citizens of the Country
 Objectives Honesty and Transparency
RTI Full Form in Hindi PDF सूचना का अधिकार
Apply Online/Offline
Official Website https://rtionline.gov.in/

What is RTI – Right to Information Act 2005 ?

Right to Information Act 2005: – This law has been implemented in 2005, under which the right of the common citizen was given that he can get information about all government offices ranging from Panchayat to the office of the President, Prime Minister or Chief Minister. To get the information, citizens have to apply under the RTI Application Form. After this, the Public Information Officer appointed in every office of the Central Government, State Government and Local Administration has to answer the RTI application form filled by you.

What is mandated by the RTI Act ?

The RTI Act mandates that any Indian citizen is free to seek any information from any public or governmental authority and the authority shall respond to such request within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of such an application. liable to give. However, the information sought should not pertain to defence, national security or personal details.

Right to Information Application Form PDF – Process to Apply Offline

If you are facing any problem in applying RTI online, then you can easily apply RTI offline through the process given below:

  1. For this, you have to first get the RTI application form, which you can download the RTI application form pdf by clicking on the given link.
  2. After downloading the form, you will have all the information asked in it.
  3. After filling the information, you will have to attach the required documents with the form.
  4. After adding the documents you have to submit the form to the office of that department. From where you want to get information.

What information can common citizens get under the RTI Act ?

  • One can get the details of the file, reports or document of any government organization/departments.
  • Users can get details of public works works such as funds allocated for construction, proposed budget, under which work is in progress.
  • Details of corruption
  • Any such information which is related to the security of the country cannot be obtained.
    The cases related to India with other countries also cannot take information.
    Information about private or private institutions can also not be taken under RTI.

RTI – Benefit/Benefit of Right to Information Act

    • Under the RTI rule, every citizen is empowered, under which information of any government department can be obtained.
    • Get information about corruption happening in the country. Corruption can be curbed by this.
      The Public Information Officer of each department is bound to respond to the RTI Application Form given by you within 30 days.
    • One can get information about how the tax to be filed by the common citizen is being used.
      There will be transparency in government work.
    • Get information about the assets of politicians.
    • Rules for obtaining information under RTI

Under the Right to Information Act, there are some rules to make information accessible to the common citizens of the country, which are as follows.

  • Only Indian citizens can take advantage of RTI Right to Information.
  • Indian citizens can demand government information in the form of video, audio, letter, disc, tape etc.
  • Information about government information cannot be denied to any common man.
  • It is necessary to have one or two Public Information Officers in every government department, who can provide information about the information asked by the common citizen.
  • Information can be obtained for the same period of time for which the information is kept in the government department.
  • A fee of Rs.10 has been kept for taking information from RTI. If the common man is a BPL card holder, then he can get information by filling the RTI Application Form for free.
  • 30 days are given to make RTI information accessible to the common citizen.
  • Information of all departments under RTI can be found.

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