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Scrabble Rules

Dear readers, here we are presenting Scrabble Rules PDF to all of you. Scrabble is a very popular board game in the strategy and word game genre. This game can be played by a maximum of 4 players. Scrabble board game is invented by Alfred Mosher Butts who was a famous American architect.

He was born on 13 April 1899 in Poughkeepsie, New York, United States. Alfred Mosher Butts died only 9 days before his 94th birthday on 4 April 1993. If you want to stronger your Vocabulary, spelling, anagramming, strategy, counting, bluffing, and probability skills then you should definitely play this game.

Scrabble Rules PDF

  • You are to make a word using your tiles. The longer the word, the better—try to make words longer than three letters unless you can get lots (10 or more) of points for a short word.
  • You must use tiles already on the board as part of the word you spell (you can’t just start a new word anywhere you want).
  • Words may only go from top-to-bottom or from left to right.
  • Any tile touching another tile must spell a real word (except tiles that only touch corner tips—they don’t count).
  • You may only spell English words.
  • You may not use abbreviations, acronyms, proper nouns, or inappropriate words.
  • If you have all consonants or all vowels, you may trade your tiles from the bag and then take your turn.
  • If you think you can’t make a word, trade however many tiles you want with the bag, then skip your turn (try not to trade your tiles).
  • You may not trade tiles with other players.
  • You may not show other players your tiles, or ask them for help.
  • Count the points on the tiles of the word(s) you spell (*doubling or tripling letters or words as needed). This is your score.
  • After you announce your score, as long as no one challenges, take enough tiles from the bag so you have seven tiles on your rack.

* You only get to count the double/triple letter/word scores if you put the tile over that space—if someone else placed the tile there, and you use that tile as part of your word, you do not get to double or triple anything.

Evolution of the rules

The “box rules” included in each copy of the North American edition have been edited four times: in 1953, 1976, 1989, and 1999.

The major changes in 1953 were as follows.

  • It was made clear that:
    • words could be played through single letters already on the board,
    • a player could play a word parallel and immediately adjacent to an existing word provided all crossing words formed were valid,
    • the effect of two premium squares was to be compounded multiplicatively.
  • The previously unspecified penalty for having one’s play successfully challenged was stated: withdrawal of tiles and loss of turn.

The major changes in 1976 were as follows.

  • It was made clear that the blank tile beats an A when drawing to see who goes first.
  • A player could pass their turn, doing nothing.
  • A loss-of-turn penalty was added for challenging an acceptable play.
  • If final scores are tied, the player whose score was highest before adjusting for unplayed tiles is the winner; in tournament play, a tie is counted as half a win for both players.

The editorial changes made in 1989 did not affect gameplay.

The major changes in 1999 were as follows.

  • It was made clear that:
    • a tile can be shifted or replaced until the play has been scored,
    • a challenge applies to all the words made in the given play.
  • Playing all seven tiles is officially called a “bingo” in North America and a “bonus” elsewhere.
  • A change in the wording of the rules could have been interpreted as meaning that a player may form more than one word on one row on a single turn.

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