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Sports With F

Dear readers, here we are offering Sports With F PDF to all of you. Sports is an activity that not only entertains you but also helps you to keep your body fit and healthy. There are an uncountable number of sports are available that help you to keep yourself entertained.

In the following PDF file, we have picked all the famous sports that start with the letter “F”. F, or f is the sixth letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. If you want to get the complete list of those sports that start with “F” then you can get it here.

Sports with F Letter / Sports with F Word

Sr.No. Game Name Game Details
1. Fast Pitch Softball — the competitive form of softball, where the pitcher’s arm rotates 360 degrees around the shoulder until the ball is released from the hand.
2. Fast5 — a variation of netball, formerly known as Fastnet, with only 5 players per team.
3. Fell Running — running races done off-road and mostly uphill.
4. Fencing — competitors face each other and attempt to touch each other with the tip of a thin sword.
5. Field Archery — a form of Archery that involves shooting at targets of varying distance, often in rough terrain.
6. Field Handball — the original version of Handball, played outdoors on a larger field and with more players. It is also known as Outdoor Handball or Grass Handball.
7. Field Hockey — played outdoors on turf, players hit a hard round ball through goals using sticks with curved ends.
8. Field Lacrosse — a full-contact outdoor men’s version of lacrosse.
9. Field Target — an outdoor air gun discipline.
10. Fierljeppen — contestants using a long pole, vault across a canal. Also called Canal Jumping.
11. Figure Skating — an artistic ice skating sport where athletes perform routines on an ice rink. Includes the disciplines of Ice Dancing and Synchronized Skating.
12. Finnish Skittles — opposing players take turns to knock down their opponent’s skittles.
13. Finswimming — an underwater swimming sport where athletes race against each other while wearing breathing apparatus.
14. Fishing — usually a recreational activity, though when in competition it can be a sport. See Sport Fishing.
15. Fistball — an outdoor team sport similar to volleyball.
16. Fisticuffs — another name for bare-knuckle boxing.
17. Five-a-Side Football — each team fields five players on a smaller pitch, with smaller goals and a reduced game duration.
18. Five-pin bowling — a bowling variant from Canada with smaller balls and only 5 pins.
19. Five-Pin Billiards — a Carom Billiards discipline popular in Italy and Argentina, in which points are gained by using one’s cue ball to cause the opponent’s cue ball to knock over pins.
20. Fives — an English sport in which a ball is propelled against the walls in a specially designed court by using a bare or gloved hand.
21. Flag Football — similar to American football but instead of tackling players the defensive team have to remove a flag from the ball carrier.
22. Flight Archery — a form of archery in which the aim is to shoot the arrow as far as possible.
23. Floor (Gymnastics) — gymnasts perform a tumbling and dance routine on a floor space.
24. Floor Hockey — refers to a collection of indoor hockey sports that were derived from various hockey codes, played on dry, flat floor surfaces such as a gymnasium or basketball court.
25. Floorball — a type of floor hockey sport played indoors, popular in Nordic countries.
26. Flyboarding — an extreme water sport in which athletes perform tricks while wearing a water jetpack attached to a jet ski.
27. Footbag — group of sports that is named after the ball (“Footbag”) that is used to play the sport. Sports include Freestyle and Footbag Net.
28. Footbag Net — players have to kick a footbag over a 5ft high net.
29. Football — Around the world, Football mostly refers to Association Football, also known as Soccer in some places. In the USA, Football refers to American Football (Gridiron). In Australia, Football refers to Australian Rules Football.
30. Football 7-a-side — Association football for players with cerebral palsy.
31. Football Tennis — also known as futnet, played by kicking a ball over a low net, with a bounce allowed.
32. Footgolf — a mix of golf and football, where players use football skills to kick a ball into holes.
33. Footpool — novelty version of billiards using an oversized table and soccer balls.
34. Footvolley — like beach volleyball though you can only use your feet.
35. Formula Racing — motor racing using open-wheeled single-seat vehicles.
36. Four Square — schoolyard ball game played in a quadrant.
37. Four-Ball — a Carom Billiards discipline, played on a pocketless table with four balls (2 red, 2 white), where a point is scored when a player caroms on any two other balls, and two points are scored when the player caroms on each of the three other balls. A variant played in Asia is called Yotsudama.
38. Freediving — underwater diving sport which relies on the diver’s ability to hold their breath.
39. Freerunning — a version of parkour that adds acrobatic moves that are purely aesthetic, also known as tricking.
40. Freestyle BMX — stunt riding sport using BMX bikes.
41. Freestyle Flying Disc — creative, acrobatic, and athletic maneuvers with a flying disc.
42. Freestyle Footbag — performing various tricks with a footbag.
43. Freestyle Football — athletes compete to perform various tricks using a football.
44. Freestyle Motocross — competition based upon points for acrobatic ability on an MX bike over jumps. See also Motocross.
45. Freestyle Skateboarding — performing tricks with a skateboard while flat ground skateboarding.
46. Freestyle Skiing — different forms of freestyle skiing including Aerial skiing, Mogul skiing, Ski ballet, Ski cross, Half-pipe skiing, Slopestyle skiing.
47. Freestyle Slalom Skating — involves performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones while wearing inline skates.
48. Freestyle Snowboarding — competitors ride on a snowboard and do tricks along as they descend snow-covered slopes to earn maximum scores.
49. Freestyle Swimming — in these events competitors can swim using any stroke of their choice.
50. Freestyle Wrestling — the objective is to pin down the opponent’s shoulders onto the mat, the legs are allowed to be used.
51. Frescoball —  
52. Fricket — a ‘two-on-two’ flying disc game, also known as disc cricket, cups, suzy sticks and crispy wickets.
53. Frisian Handball — a traditional sport from the Netherlands in which players attempt to land a ball at the end of a long rectangular field.
54. Frontenis — a sport using rackets and a rubber ball on a ‘pelota court’.
55. Fullbore target rifle — using rifles, shooters hit the paper targets in a prone position.
56. Fußball (also spelled Fussball) — this is the German name for (Association) Football, and also the name used for Table Football.
57. Futsal — a variant of association football played on a smaller field usually indoors.
58. Fuzzball — a street version of baseball played in some regions of the US.

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