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SSS E4 Form 2022
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SSS E4 Form 2022

Here in this post, we are going to present SSS E4 Form 2022 PDF. The SSS e4 form or “Member Data Change Request” is a form you will need to submit if you will change or update your membership information with the Social Security system. You have to fill the E-4 form properly and submit it along with the original or attested true copy of supporting documents to your nearest SSS branch.

Using the form, you can add new beneficiaries or remove dependents on your sss record. You can also use the form to process complex corrections regarding your name, gender, date of birth, and change your civil status from single to married or vice versa. There are two ways to get sss e4 form. You can either get the copy by visiting any of the SSS branch or you can download the PDF version online at the SSS website. Later, you have the option to print it yourself on short or long bond paper.

SSS E4 Form 2022 PDF – Highlights

In many cases, submission of SSS E4 form is no longer necessary as the SSS member portal already provides the members the ability to update their personal information online without visiting the SSS office. SSS members only need to indicate specific changes in their membership data and upload a supporting document such as a digital copy of the birth certificate, if required.

Nevertheless, there are some instances when the SSS E4 form needs to be submitted in person, such as correction in the date of birth. Only simple correction of personal data is allowed on the SSS online portal. Examples are one- or two-letter name reform, gender change, and change of civil status from unmarried to married. Read this article to know the fixes allowed on the SSS website and how to update your membership information online.

How to Get Your SSS E4 Form or Member Data Amendment Form Online

The SSS E4 form (or E-4 form) is the Member Data Change Request form that members of the Social Security System (SSS) are required to fill out and submit whenever they wish to change or modify their personal information, such as that their membership type, name, date of birth, civil status and contact information.

Suppose you are recently married and you want to update your SSS member information to replace your first name with your new married name. You can do this by submitting a duly completed SSS E4 form to the nearest SSS office along with your marriage certificate.

The following data changes, corrections, and updates can be accomplished using the SSS E4 form:

  • Change of membership type
  • Correction of name
  • Correction of date of birth
  • Correction of sex (gender)
  • Change of civil status
  • Updating of contact information
  • Updating of bank information
  • Updating of member record status
  • Updating of dependents or beneficiaries

How to Fill Out the SSS E4 Form Online

Finding an authorized specialist, making a scheduled appointment, and coming to the workplace for a personal conference is an end-to-end SSS E4 form. US Legal Forms helps you create legally binding documents faster, according to pre-built browser-based blanks.

Execute your documents in minutes using our simple step-by-step guide:

  • Find the Sss E4 form you want.
  • Open it with a cloud-based editor and start editing.
  • fill in the blank fields; Names, domiciles, and phone numbers of the parties concerned, etc.
  • Customize the blanks with special fillable fields.
  • Include the day/time and do your e-signature.
  • After double-checking, all the data click on Done.
  • Download the finished document to your gadget or print it as a hard copy.

Here you can free download SSS E4 Form 2022 PDF by clicking the link given below.

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