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St. Louis County Jail Roster
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St. Louis County Jail Roster

Dear readers, here we are presenting St. Louis County Jail Roster PDF to all of you. There are three locations where people arrested in the City of St. Louis are usually kept, these three locations are the City Justice Center, the Medium Security Institution, and police custody. St. Louis County Jail inmates may be transferred to another jail to avoid housing overcrowding. Jail transfers are not done for disciplinary reasons.

You can use the inmate locator to determine where a person is being held but if you don’t want to do so then you can get here to the St. Louis County Jail Roster so that you can check it to know about the particular person. Inmates must follow the rules of the facility where they are housed.

If the individual is listed as held in another county’s jail facility then you should contact that facility. In addition to incarcerating offenders from all jurisdictions within St. Louis County, the St. Louis County Jail also holds fugitives wanted in other states, in other Minnesota counties as well as prisoners from the U.S. Marshall’s office.

St. Louis County Jail Roster PDF

Facility Name St. Louis County Jail
Facility Type County Jail
Address 100 South Central AvenuePO Box 16060, Clayton, MO, 63105
Phone 314-615-5245
Capacity 1232
City Clayton
Postal Code 63105
State Missouri
Country St. Louis County
Official Website Website

Reasons why a person may not be found via the locator:

  • the person may be held on the 1st floor in the Police Department
  • the person may be held at a substation waiting to be transported to the Justice Center
  • the person may have been released
  • the name searched does not match the name entered in the arresting paperwork.

To locate an inmate, you will need to have the person’s exact first and last name. The system will only return exact matches, similar names are not returned.

The Inmate Locator search results include Inmate Name, Year of Birth, Race, Sex, and Facility. Once you have determined what facility the inmate is in, you can learn how to post bond for inmates in that facility.

In the event, that the person you are looking for does not appear on this site, but you believe they are in police custody, please contact the St. Louis Police Department Prisoner Processing Department at 314-241-8339.


Scott Kiefer, Sheriff

St. Louis County ✩ State of Missouri

The Sheriff’s Office is made up of two divisions comprising Bailiffs & Civil Processing.


The Bailiff Division is charged with providing court security during all hearings, trials, and whenever court is in session. Bailiffs are responsible for the safety and security of the Judges,  Court Officers, and the courtroom.


The mission of the Civil Division is to provide quality customer service in the processing executions of civil processes. The duties of the Civil Division are widely varied. They include but are not limited to service of civil process, sale of real and personal property, and execution of court-ordered evictions.
Civil Processing staff strives to provide all possible assistance within the constraint that the office is prohibited from giving legal advice.

St. Louis County Jail Roster PDF / Jail Visiting and Bond Information

Lobby kiosk visiting hours at the St. Louis County Jail in Duluth are:

Monday – Friday 8:00am-10:00am
Saturday – Sunday 8:00am-11:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm.
All lobby visiting must be pre-registered through the Reliance Website 1-8 days in advance

Jail Inmate Locator

Inmates held by the St. Louis County Jail system are listed on the online jail roster, which is updated hourly.

Duluth Inmate Property Pickup

 Please call (218) 726-2345 to set up an appointment Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (excluding holidays).
The Jail clerks will schedule a date and time for you to arrive at the Duluth Jail and receive the property.  Picture ID is required.

Jails Past and Present

St. Louis County provides a safe, secure, and professionally operated Jail. The Sheriff and Jail Administrator oversee a 197-bed jail in Duluth as well as two 72-hour lockup facilities on the Range.

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