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Star Wars Edge of The Empire
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Star Wars Edge of The Empire

Dear readers, here we are offering the Star Wars Edge of The Empire PDF to all of you. Star Wars Edge of the Empire is an odd game. The production design cannot be denied. But the gameplay is not what I would call intuitive. The Dice seems to have more say over what happens than both players and DM. Also, by setting the game during the rebellion of the original trilogy,

it is particularly hard to come up with exciting adventures that allow the players to actually DO anything of weight. With essential game material spread out over multiple releases, the end product can prove quite taxing on a gamer’s budget. Judge the style of your game group before deciding to commit.

Star Wars Edge of The Empire PDF

Leia Organa is having a bad day. On a mission to negotiate the purchase of desperately needed goods in Mid Rim, a spotty area in the barren Eschaton system, Leia’s transport freighter is fired upon and nearly destroyed by an Imperial corvette. Though they manage to escape the clutches of the Empire, Leia, Han, and the crew of the Gamble stumble across an Alderaan gunship – unfortunately, it appears that the unaccounted-for survivors from Leia’s obliterated home world have since turned pirates.

Taken aboard the Aegis, Leia grapples with her anger and frustration at her fellow Alderaans and the pillaging, cutthroat pirates they have become – but she’s not without hope. As the Empire closes in on Leia’s location, it is up to the princess and her allies to stay alive and stop the Mid Rim pirate armada from their murderous, slave-trading ways. Oh, and maybe even redeem the newfound Alderaan refugees, convert them to the rebel cause, and make sure Echo Base gets built on the ice planet, Hoth.

I want to preface this review properly with an admission: I love Star Wars. I love it a whole bunch. I own and rewatch (and, yes, kinda like) the prequels, I’ve seen the Clone Wars beginning to end at least 3 times (I am SO excited for Rebels), and, of course, I’m enamored of the original trilogy. Beyond the animated shows, however, I’ve not explored much of the Star Wars Expanded Universe – earlier this year I had the immense, gleeful pleasure of reading The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton, and immediately resigned myself to reading more EU books.

When I saw this new arc, to be penned by Martha Wells, James S.A. Corey, and Kevin Hearne, each book following a different main character in the context of the original trilogy, I was ecstatic. I was even more ecstatic when I discovered that Martha Wells would be writing Leia’s story. So, context completed, let’s jump into the story, shall we? Razor’s Edge starts with a bang (or, rather, blast), and continues on for the next 300 pages fraught with high stakes, and deadly perilous encounter after deadly perilous encounter. Set between the events of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Razor’s Edge is an interesting exercise in continuity, existing character development, and, to some extent, inevitability.

Publishers Fantasy Flight Games (2012-2020)
Edge Studio (2021-present)
Publication 2012–current
Genres Space opera
Languages English
Random chance Dice rolling
Media type Role-playing games and game accessories

This inevitability seems to characterize so much of the interstitial stories of Star Wars’ EU (see the aforementioned Clone Wars as just one glorious example), but in Razor’s Edge, this predetermination effect is magnified even more significant because it’s set during such a specific point in the original trilogy arc and follows three of the original main characters.1 Within this context, there’s freedom for Leia, Han, and Luke to have ancillary adventures and storylines, but ultimately you still know that the Empire is going to fall, that Leia, Han, and Luke all survive and build a new intergalactic future together.

It’s a strange reading experience, knowing where they will all end up eventually. I’ll be interested in reading other adventures where there is more freedom to explore characters whose fates aren’t quite so concrete. To that end, there’s a whole lotta pressure on Martha Wells regarding continuity know-how and character development – especially with regards to her portrayal of Princess Leia Organa. I am delighted to say that Wells does a phenomenal job on all fronts – not only is the writing style strong and very much in the Star Wars operatic vein, but she also manages to stay true to the Leia of the films (and, ostensibly, other Star Wars EU novels), while simultaneously giving her character more depth and emotional resonance.

Something that I always felt was glossed over in the films but subsequently addressed in EU novels, is the horrific fact that Leia lost her entire home planet. Not only did she lose Alderaan completely, but she saw the planet blown to smithereens right in front of her eyes. There’s an immense amount of survivors’ guilt that comes with that kind of genocide, especially for the last monarch and powerful head of state of now endangered people. Wells addresses this horror head-on in Razor’s Edge, and gives Leia a whole new layer of motivation – this is a character who feels responsible for her people, and understandably is both enraged and hopeful when she discovers an Alderaan gunship and survivors.

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