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Suryashakti Kisan Yojana
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Suryashakti Kisan Yojana

Dear reader, if you are searching for Suryashakti Kisan Yojana PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. Under this scheme, landlords can use solar energy for irrigation purposes and also sell the remaining electricity through the grid. For the facility of solar panels, farmers will have to pay only 5% of the total cost in advance. Central and State Government. Will provide a subsidy of 60% while for the remaining 35%, the State Govt. Will supply cheap loans to farmers for 7 years.

Agriculturalists can generate electricity through these solar panels and sell it to the state government. The government will buy power at the rate of Rs. per unit for 7 years while Rs. 3.50 for the remaining 18 years. The Sky scheme is expected to cover 15 lakh farmers in 33 segments and supply solar power to them through 7,060 feeders.

Suryashakti Kisan Yojana PDF

1 Scheme Name Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana 2022
2 State Gujarat
3 Year 2022
4 Announced By Chief Minister Of the State
5 Beneficiaries Farmers
6 Total Budget 87 Crore

Suryashakti Kisan Yojana PDF Details overview

1 Total (AG) Consumers 15 Lakh
2 Total No. of (AG) Feeders 7,060
3 Total Districts Covered 33
4 Total Contract Load 172 Lakh hp (Avg: 11.43 hp/ farmer)
5 Solar PV Potential 21,000 MW
6 Total Project Cost Rs. 1,05,000 crore
7 Govt. of India Subsidy 30%
8 Govt. of Gujarat Subsidy 30%
9 Farmer’s Loan 35%
10 Farmer’s Upfront Pmt. 5%

Suryashakti Kisan Yojana Funding

Cost Share

  • 5% Minimum upfront investment from the farmer
  • 35% Loan on behalf of the farmer
  • 30% Subsidy from Govt. of Gujarat (through a loan)
  • 30% Subsidy from Govt. of India

Suryashakti Kisan Yojana Returns

Net Metering

  • Farmers would utilize the solar electricity, and inject the surplus generated electricity into the grid.
  • Farmers would earn revenue based on net evacuated energy at the end of the billing cycle.

Revenue During Next 18 Years

  • Rs. 3.50 per kWh, feed-in tariff by DisCom

Revenue During First 7 Years

  • Rs. 3.50 per kWh, feed-in tariff by DisCom, plus
  • Rs. 3.50 per kWh, evacuation-based incentive (subsidy) by Govt. of Gujarat up to a maximum of 1,000 kWh per hp per year of contract load.

Major Benefits of Suryashakti Kisan Yojana

  • Relief from the electricity bill.
  • Additional income from the sale of surplus electricity.
  • 12 hours of daytime grid-quality power.
  • Return on investment within 8 to 18 months.
  • Ownership of PV system after loan repayment.
  • 7 years performance guarantee on a PV system.
  • Insurance on PV system by State Govt.
  • Land under PV modules can be used for cropping.
  • Option of the increasing height of PV modules.
  • Development of rural economy.

Technical Benefits from Suryashakti Kisan Yojana

  • Improved transmission & distribution efficiency
  • Maximum utilization of existing grid infrastructure
  • Avoid establishment of dedicated transmission facility

Environment Benefits from Suryashakti Kisan Yojna

  • Clean energy generation
  • Avoid the requirement of large parcels of land
  • The incentive for efficient water utilization

SKY Benefits to Public

  • Reduction in cross-subsidy surcharge
  • Reduction in government subsidy burden

Salient Features of SKY Scheme in Gujarat

The important features and salient features of this Sky plan are as follows:-

  • Purchase Cost of Solar Panel – Farmers have to pay only 5% of the total cost. 60% will be given as a subsidy amount while 35% will be given as a low-interest rate loan for 7 years. The loan repayment time has been fixed at 7 years.
  • Selling surplus power – Farmers can sell surplus power to the state government. For the first 7 years, Govt. Will buy electricity at a cost of Rs. 7 per unit while Govt. Will buy electricity for Rs. 3.5 per unit for the next 18 years.
  • This scheme will give great relief to the farmers and will also generate additional income. Farmers will be able to recover the cost of investment within the next 8 to 18 months.
  • At present, farmers are getting 8 hours of electricity for irrigation. After the successful implementation of this project, farmers will get electricity for 12 hours.
  • Suryashakti Kisan Yojana will also remove the worries of the farmers about getting electricity at night.
  • Additional earning for the government. At present, farmers in Gujarat pay around 50 paise/unit for the supply of electricity for irrigation. The state government spends about Rs. 4,500 – 5,000 crore per year as a subsidy on electricity for irrigation purposes. This subsidy cost can be reduced by proper implementation of the Sky Scheme.

How to Apply Suryashakti Kisan Yojana Online

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website,
  • From here you will get the application form for this scheme.
  • You have to fill out that form and after that attach a copy of all the documents in it and submit the form.
  • In this way, you can apply for this scheme.

The Government of Gujarat will implement Suryashakti Kisan Yojana or Sky Scheme in the entire state. The main objective is to harness solar energy and use it to generate electricity. Now farmers can generate electricity and use it for irrigation and can sell the excess energy through the grid. This scheme is for already grid-connected farmers. It is desirable to cover more and more farmers on a given ag feeder. The farmer should form a committee on a feeder for ease of communication and implementation.

The grid-connected solar PV system will be provided to the farmer. 1.25 kW PV system to be provided per hp (for example- 10 hp = 12.5 kW PV system). Installation through empaneled installers at competitively searched rates. The “Sky” feeder has to be on for 12 hours a day.

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