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The Alchemist
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The Alchemist

Dear friends, here we are going to offer The Alchemist PDF for all of you. The Alchemist is Quest, Drama, Fantasy Fiction and Adventure fiction Novel. It is also known as one of the most popular and amazing novels. It was written by the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho and was first published in 1988.

The Alchemist novel was originally written in the Portuguese language, it became a widely translated international bestseller. This book follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago. The original title of this novel is O Alquimista. It was written in Brazil. It was published by HarperTorch in the English language in 1993.

The Alchemist Book PDF – The Alchemist Book Summary in English

  • While sleeping near a sycamore tree in the sacristy of an abandoned church, Santiago, a shepherd boy, has a recurring dream about a child who tells him that he will find a hidden treasure if he travels to the Egyptian pyramids.
  • An old woman tells Santiago that this dream is prophetic and that he must follow its instructions. Santiago is uncertain, however, since he enjoys the life of a shepherd.
  • Next Santiago meets a mysterious old man who seems able to read his mind. This man introduces himself as Melchizedek or the King of Salem.
  • He tells Santiago about good and bad omens and says that it is the shepherd boy’s duty to pursue his Personal Legend.
  • Melchizedek then gives Santiago two stones, Urim and Thummim, with which to interpret omens.
  • After eleven months of working in the shop, Santiago is unsure of how to proceed.
  • Should he return to Andalusia a rich man and buy more sheep? Or should he cross the vast Sahara in pursuit of the hidden treasure of his dreams? He joins a caravan travelling to Egypt.
  • Santiago meets an Englishman who wants to learn the secret of alchemy or turning any metal into gold, from a famous alchemist who lives at an oasis on the way to the pyramids. While travelling, Santiago begins listening to the desert and discovering the Soul of the World.
  • The caravan eventually reaches the oasis, and there Santiago meets an Arab girl named Fatima and falls in love with her instantly.
  • The caravan leader gathers the travellers together and tells them that tribal warfare prevents them from continuing their journey.

The Alchemist Questions and Answers PDF

Q.1) In The Alchemist when Santiago thinks about his life, what makes him most proud?

Ans. Santiago is proud of a number of things in his life, starting with his decision to follow his love of travel and become a shepherd. This decision is not easy, given that his parents have worked hard to provide an education for him and wanted him to become a priest. Likewise, he’s proud of his choice to leave behind his flock of sheep to pursue the long, difficult journey of realizing his Personal Legend. Along the way, he learns a new language and picks up several other new skills. Although many obstacles crop up, he perseveres, sticking with the goal and overcoming each impediment that arises.

Q.2) Consider the desert as a teacher. What does Santiago learn from the desert in The Alchemist?

Ans. Hot, dry, barren, and full of danger, the desert presents Santiago with various tests and teaches him lessons that prepare him for the end of his journey. It is in the desert that Santiago learns to tune in to his natural surroundings to such a degree that he is able to learn from something as small as a single grain of sand. He also learns to tune in to his own thoughts and feelings and to come to terms with his fear. Likewise, the desert teaches Santiago to Recognize the Language of the World in all living things, providing him with the practice he needs in interpreting the movements and reactions of animals (such as the cobra and his horse) and in seeing death in the eyes of the tribesmen and refugees he meets along the way.

Q.3) In The Alchemist, how does Santiago’s experience as a shepherd help him throughout his journey to Egypt?

Ans. As a shepherd, Santiago learns to pay attention to and understand nature, a skill that he builds on throughout his journey to the pyramids in pursuit of his Personal Legend. His success hinges on his ability to tune in to his natural surroundings, and throughout the story, it is always in nature that Santiago gleans insights that help him continue his quest. For instance, he notices the omen of the hawk attack in the sky, and while crossing the desert with the alchemist, he reads the reactions of his horse to discover danger lurking ahead. In these ways and others, Santiago uses and enhances the skills he gained as a shepherd boy in Andalusia.

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