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The Art of Seduction
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The Art of Seduction

Dear readers, here we are providing The Art of Seduction PDF to all of you. The Art of Seduction is a nonfiction book that was originally published in 2001. This book got 4.5/5 stars ratings on Amazon, 4.2/5 stars ratings on Four Minute Books, and 4/5 stars ratings on Goodreads.

The Art of Seduction was written by Robert Greene who was born on 14 May 1959 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Robert Greene is an American author of books on strategy, power, and seduction. He has written six international bestsellers that gained huge popularity among book lovers.

The Art of Seduction PDF – The 18 Types of Seducer Victims

Never try to seduce your own type.

People are constantly giving out signals of what they lack, you have to tune in to these signals and interpret their type based on them.

  • The Reformed Rake or Siren:

They desperately long to escape whatever corralled them in, what is preventing them from being their normal freely sexual self.

  • The Disappointed Dreamer:

They long for adventure but are stuck in a boring lifestyle.

  • The Pampered Royal:

They long to be swept off their feet by a prince charming and let them live out their fantasy of being pampered and treated like royalty.

  • The New Prude:

excessively concerned with their outward appearance, underneath they want to release, but they fear judgment. They must feel like they’re sharing some secret with you…

  • The Crushed Star:

No longer the center of attention, they long to have that sense of being adored back.

  • The Novive:

They want to at least feel that you’re somewhat “young” too, but are also excited by the possibility of being introduced to a new, darker world…

  • The Conquerer:

You must give them an obstacle to overcome, a mission, a goal.

  • The Exotic Fetishist:

They want novelty, new experiences, things on the edge, you must position yourself as something exotic.

  • The Drama Queen:

They long for drama in their lives, so you’ll need to help create it in order to keep them rapt.

  • The Professor:

They analyze and think deeply about everything, but long to be overwhelmed by a more free spirit who can help them release their mental barrier.

  • The Beauty:

Used to being appreciated, you must focus on the less complimented features like her intellect or wit.

  • The Aging Baby:

Still immature and wanting a supportive parent, you must enable their childish desires while still occasionally reeling them in.

  • The Rescuer:

They long to feel like they’re saving someone from themselves, you must make them feel that they can “save” you from something and they will become obsessed. Let her be your maternal protector.

  • The Roué:

Experienced in life, they desire to educate someone more naive.

  • The Idol Worshipper:

You must become their object of worship that provides the meaning in life that they seek.

  • The Sensualist:

Driven by their senses, you must overwhelm their sight, smell, and touch, to fully draw them in.

  • The Lonely Leader:

Act as their equal or superior, the kind of relationship they rarely have.

  • The Floating Gender:

Float with them.

The Art of Seduction PDF Overview

Author Robert Greene
Language English
Subject Strategy, self-help, philosophy
Genre Non-fiction
Originally published 2001
Subject Strategy, self-help, philosophy
Publisher Profile Books
Publication date 2001
Pages 468
ISBN 1861977697
Preceded by The 48 Laws of Power
Followed by The 33 Strategies of War

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