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The Hate U Give Book

Dear users, today we are going to provide The Hate U Give Book PDF for all of you. The Hate U Give is one of the famous young adult novels. This amazing novel was written by Angie Thomas in 2017. Angie Thomas is an American young adult author who is best known for writing The Hate U Give (2017).

Her second young adult novel, On the Come Up, was published on February 25, 2019. The Hate U Give novel was published on February 28, 2017, by Balzer + Bray. The novel was narrated by Starr Carter, who is a 16-year-old African-American girl from a poor neighbourhood who attends an elite private school in a predominantly white, affluent part of the city.

The Hate U Give Book PDF – The Hate U Give Summary Book

  • Starr Carter, a sixteen-year-old black girl, attends a party in her neighbourhood, Garden Heights. Starr goes with Kenya, a friend with whom she shares an older half-brother, Seven.
  • Ever since attending Williamson Prep, a primarily white school, Starr feels out of place in the Garden Heights social scene. When Kenya goes off with other friends, Starr runs into her childhood best friend, Khalil Harris, whom she hasn’t seen in a long time.
  • Gunshots from a gang fight interrupt the party, and Khalil offers to take Starr home. While Khalil drives, he explains rapper Tupac Shakur’s idea that “Thug Life” stands for “The Hate U Give Little Infants F—- Everybody.”
  • Soon after, a white police officer with the badge number one-fifteen pulls them over. Khalil questions the motivation for the stop, and One-Fifteen orders him out of the car and searches him.
  • One-Fifteen commands Khalil not to move and returns to his car. Khalil opens the door to check on Starr. One-Fifteen fatally shoots Khalil.
  • Starr has nightmares about the death of another childhood friend, Natasha, who died in the crossfire of a gang shooting.
  • At school on Monday, Starr feels tense around Hailey and Chris, her white friend and boyfriend, as memories of Khalil’s death interrupt her thoughts and she realizes they don’t understand.
  • At the urging of her uncle Carlos, a police officer, Starr goes into the police station after school with her mother, Lisa, to testify about Khalil’s shooting.
  • Starr realizes that the officers are asking more questions about whether Khalil was a troublemaker than about the night of the shooting. She worries that justice for Khalil will not be served.
  • At Khalil’s funeral, a lawyer and activist named April Oprah confirm Starr’s fears when she announces that the police will not pursue legal action against One-Fifteen and invites the attendees to a rally in Khalil’s honour.
  • Starr blames herself for the police’s inaction. King, the head of a local gang called the King Lords, also interrupts the funeral and places a grey bandana on Khalil’s casket, signifying Khalil’s membership in the King Lords.
  • April Oprah tells Starr to call her if she needs legal representation.

The Hate U Give PDF: Overview

Author Angie Thomas
Cover artist Debra Cartwright
Country United States
Publisher Balzer + Bray
Publication date
February 28, 2017
Pages 444
ISBN 978-0-06-249853-3
Preceded by Concrete Rose

The Hate U Give Summary Chapter 1

  • Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighbourhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends.
  • The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed.
  • Soon afterwards, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil’s name.
  • Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr.
  • But what Starr does—or does not—say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life.

The Hate U Give About The Author

Born September 20, 1988 (age 33)
Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.
Occupation Writer
Language English
Alma mater Belhaven University (BFA)
Genre Young Adult Fiction, Middle Grade
Notable works The Hate U Give (2017)
On the Come Up (2019)
  • Angie Thomas was born on 20 September 1988 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States.
  • Angie Thomas was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, where she still resides.
  • She is an American young adult author who is best known for writing The Hate U Give (2017).
  • Her second young adult novel, On the Come Up, was released on February 25, 2019.
  • Her nationality is American. She completes her education at Belhaven University.
  • She was nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult Fiction and she got Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult Fiction.
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