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The Third Level Summary

Dear friends, here we are going to offer The Third Level Summary PDF for all of you. The Third Level is the name of the short story. It is also known as one of the famous and amazing stories. It was written by Jack Finney. The Third Level story has appeared in a 1957 collection of the same name.

In the story, the disenfranchised protagonist discovers the third level of Grand Central Station, from which he takes a train back in time to the year 1894. There are two levels at the Grand Central Station, New York. But Charley, the protagonist of the story, asserts that there is a third level too. He uses the third level to escape from the unpleasant life of New York to the pleasant life of Galesburg, Illinois.

The Third Level Summary PDF – The Third Level Class 12 Summary PDF

  • Charley was 31 years old man married to Louisa. Several times he had lost himself in the Grand Central Station.
  • He always found himself bumping into new doorways and new corridors. Every time he had a new experience.
  • He even had begun to believe that the Grand Central was like a huge tree ever pushing new tunnels and new corridors like the roots under the ground. Once he got into a mile-long tunnel and came out in the lobby of a hotel. At another time, he came up into the building of an office.
  • There were certainly only two levels at the Grand Central. But Charley asserted that there were three levels. He talked about it to his friends. One of them was a psychiatrist.
  • The psychiatrist said that it was nothing but daydreaming. He explained that it was only an escape from his present life.
  • The modern world was full of fear, tension and worries. The third level provided him with an exit from it.
  • His other friends agreed with the psychiatrist. They said that his stamp collecting was also a temporary escape.
  • Charley did not agree with them. He said that his grandfather started the stamp collection. And in his grandfather’s days, life was peaceful.
  • He did not need an escape. Besides, President Roosevelt also collected stamps.
  • One day, Charley got late from his office. He wanted to reach home soon. So he went to the Grand Central to catch a train.
  • He walked down to the first level and then walked down another flight of stairs. He thought he had reached the second level again. But he got lost. He walked down a corridor. He thought it was wrong.
  • But he walked on downward. He walked down a short flight of stairs. He thought that he had reached the second level again. But actually, he had reached the third level.
  • The third level was entirely different and old-fashioned. There were fewer ticket windows.
  • The information booth was made of wood. The lights were open flame gas lights. There were brass spittoons on the floor.
  • Men had beards and sideburns. Women wore old-fashioned dresses and high buttoned shoes. The railway engine was small with a funnel-shaped stack.
  • Everything looked a century old. He walked to the newsboy. There he glanced at “The World”. The lead story was about President Cleveland.
  • Later Charley found out from the library files that it was printed on June 11, 1894.

Jack Finney The Third Level About The Author

Jack Finney was an American author. He was born on 2 October 1911. Jack Finney was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and given the name John Finney. His father died when he was just three years old. he was renamed Walter Braden Finney in honour of his father, but he continued to be known as “Jack” throughout his life.

He lived in Mill Valley, California. He graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois in 1934. Jack Finney had two children whose names are Kenneth and Marguerite. Yet the nickname Jack remained with him throughout his life.

He died of pneumonia and emphysema on November 14, 1995, at the age of 84 in Greenbrae, California. His best-known works are science fiction and thrillers, including The Body Snatchers and Time and Again.

The Third Level Summary and Question Answers

Here you can get The Third Level Summary Questions and Answers which will be very useful for you.

Q.1) Why did Charley meet a psychiatrist?

Ans: Charley met a psychiatrist when he was in a dilemma. He felt sure that he had been on the third level of the Grand Central Station, which everyone knows has only two levels. Even the Presidents of the railroads would swear on a stack of timetables that there were only two levels.

Q.2) What proof did the psychiatrist provide?

Ans: Charley’s psychiatrist and his friends said that his stamp-collecting was an indication of his desire to seek “a temporary refuge from reality”, as was his collection of first-day covers.

Q.3) What was the psychiatrist’s diagnosis?

Ans: The psychiatrist said that Charlie was unhappy. The modern world, full of insecurity, fear, war and worry oppressed him, and he just wanted to escape.

Q.4) How does Charley describe Galesburg, Illinois, 1894?

Ans: Charley describes it as a wonderful town with a leisurely way of life with big old frame houses, huge lawns, tremendous trees and a peaceful and tranquil world. During summer evenings, people sat on their lawns, with men smoking cigars and women waving palm-leaf fans. The first World War was twenty years away and the second World War was forty years into the future.

Q.5) How did Charley compare the Grand Central to a huge tree? Why?

Ans: Charley always found new tunnels and staircases at the Grand Central. He began to suspect that Grand Central was like a huge tree. It used to push out new corridors and tunnels like the roots of a tree.

Q.6) How was Charley often lost at the Grand Central Station?

Ans: Cllarley had gone to the Grand Central Station hundreds of times. However, at times, he was always lost in new doorways and corridors. Once, he entered a tunnel and came out in the lobby of a hotel. Another time, he reached an office building.

Q.7) What was the content of the note that Sam wrote to Charley?

Ans: Sam said that he had found the third level, that he had already been there for two weeks, that life was peaceful, calm and tranquil. He urged Charley and Louisa to go back to the third level and keep looking for it till they found it.

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