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The Way Of The Superior Man

Dear readers, here we are providing The Way Of The Superior Man PDF to all of you. The Way Of The Superior Man is a very important book which was originally published on 1 June 1997. The Way Of The Superior Man Has received 4.6/5 stars ratings on Amazon, 4/5 star ratings on Goodreads, and 4.6/5 stars ratings on Flipkart.

This book is also liked by 88% of Google users. The Way Of The Superior Man is written by David Deida. He is a famous American author who was born on 18 March 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. He is also known as David Greenberg. He has completed his education at the University of California San Diego (1989), and the University of Florida (1982).

The Way Of The Superior Man PDF – Key Points

  • An inner masculine and inner feminine exist in all of us, both genders.
  • Men generally are dominated by their inner masculine and women by their inner feminine.
  • The “mission” or the search for freedom is the priority of the masculine, whereas the search for love is the priority of the feminine.
  • Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, if you want to experience deep spiritual and sexual fulfillment, you must know your natural sexual essence—masculine, feminine, or balanced—and live true to it.
  • Stop hoping for the completion of anything in life—it will never be over, so spend time now on the things you’re “waiting” for.
  • Most postponements are excuses for a lack of creative discipline.
  • Men who have lived significant lives are men who never waited: not for money, security, ease, or women.
  • Stand up straight, breathe into your belly, and open your chest.
  • Live as if your father was dead—identify and pursue those activities you have avoided or suppressed because of the influence of your father.
  • Know your edge, your one true gift, and be honest about it. State your related fears out loud.
  • Read books that remind you who you are, meditate, and spend time with people who inspire you.
  • Listen to advice, but use your purpose to guide you in decision-making.
  • Align your life to your purpose; your relationship comes second.
  • Lean slightly beyond the edge of comfort in everything you do.
  • Treat your relationship like your pursuit of purpose: see them as a challenge, an opportunity to express your true gifts, and embrace the struggles of each.
  • Talk with your friends about what you are afraid of, and cultivate friends who are willing to challenge you, even if it requires being brutally honest. These friends should also be living at their edge, challenging themselves.
  • Find your purpose, and align your life—everything from your diet to your career—with that purpose.
  • Your purpose may change, or you may go through stages in discovering it. During these periods, you must expect intense periods of action, followed by periods of not knowing what you want to do. Wait, and when you have a sense of direction, begin moving again.
  • Don’t use your family as an excuse. They will know if you are living your deepest purpose. Instead, find ways to continue to pursue your purpose while raising your family.
  • Don’t get lost in tasks and duties. Make sure to take time to meditate and reflect, to rise above it all. This “do mode” is one of the men’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. You cannot forget the larger purpose.
  • View your relationship as a challenge. Expect “tests” of your love, and respond with overwhelming love, humor, and physical touch.
  • Understand that we often say things that are not meant to be taken literally. They may just be an expression of our current feelings.
  • Praise specific things about your partner 5-10 times per day.
  • The whole point of intimacy is to serve each other in growth and love, in better ways than we can serve ourselves.
  • Often, conflict in a relationship comes from feeling unloved. Try expressing your love through humor and physical contact, instead of trying to analyze.
  • Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on decisions, by giving your perspective and your reasoning, and letting you know that you love your partner regardless. Say something like, “I like this option, but what’s most important to me is that you’re happy.”
  • Enjoy your attraction to masculine or feminine energy. When you feel it, enjoy it, and breathe it in; allow the energy to flow through you.
  • Choose a partner who is your complimentary opposite; if you are very masculine or feminine, you will enjoy someone who is the opposite. If you are more neutral, you will enjoy someone who is more neutral as well.
  • You can share many aspects of life with your partner, but only if you choose a single main purpose for being together.
  • You will likely be tempted by other partners. Know that this is normal, but often causes more problems than it solves. Know the difference between self-discipline and self-suppression—choosing to rule your lesser desires is different than simply resisting them.
  • If you don’t choose and follow your direction, your partner will feel the need to do it for you, and won’t be able to relax with you.
  • The basic masculine motivation is to be released from constraint and experience freedom on the other side. This can take many forms—orgasm, mediation, sports, war. The same capacity to face death is necessary for spiritual freedom, where you must be willing to face your fears and let go of anything that limits your love.
  • It is not time that kills delight, but familiarity, neutralization, and a lack of purpose. View the qualities in your partner that become routine—childcare, helper, buddy—as the attractive qualities they are.
  • Use conscious, deep breathing, through your chest and belly, as a means to open yourself, deal with stress and tension, and generally transmit your presence through the room.
  • Multiple orgasms should be possible for men without ejaculation, and this will heighten, rather than drain energy.
  • You are responsible for making your partner feel loved, for growing the intimacy in your relationship.
  • Make sure you keep in touch with your masculine edge, embracing solitude, austerity, and other challenges to keep your edge sharp. Embrace masculine gatherings as another way to keep in touch with your masculine core.
  • Practice dissolving into the world, as a method of keeping in touch with your masculine desire to be utterly released and free.

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