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Vietnam Pottery Manufacturers
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Vietnam Pottery Manufacturers

Dear readers, here we are offering Vietnam Pottery Manufacturers PDF to all of you. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country. Vietnam Pottery is very popular all around the world. It is also known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, and bustling cities.

Pottery is the process and the product of forming vessels and other objects with the help of clay. Apart from clay, it is also made of other ceramic materials. There are many types of designs and shapes that are available in the market for the international market.

Vietnam Pottery Manufacturer PDF / Top Pottery Ceramics Manufacturers In Vietnam Full List PDF

  • Bao Vy Pottery

Bao Vy pottery is a Vietnam pottery conglomerate that manufactures many indoor and outdoor ceramic products. Their products are mostly designed for the furniture/interior design sector and are found in retail stores worldwide. The company provides full design service and can manufacture custom designs directly at their factory in HCMC province –

they also have a showroom in HCMC where you can view their latest products. Bao Vy’s goods are handmade and crafted from various materials, depending on the client’s needs. The minimum order quantity is 100 sets of any product.

  • Pottery Asia

Pottery Asia is a Vietnamese ceramic manufacturer that is based in Ho Chi Minh City. Pottery Asia is one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in the country and was established over 20 years ago. They collaborate with international brands to deliver custom ceramic products.

They produce in all popular ceramic categories ranging from kitchenware to bathroom tiles and planter pots. They also have experience in ceramics for outdoor use, such as garden ware ceramics and rustic ceramics. Pottery Asia is renowned for exporting internationally, and its products can be found all over the world.

The company has showrooms in HCMC and other provinces where they put their newest products on display. Their largest customers are located in the US, UK, Australia, and Japan. The company has also exported heavily to other nations in the European Union, East Asia, and the Middle East.

  • Minh Tiem Ceramics

Minh Tiem Ceramics is a company that provides a wide range of ceramics manufacturing options – mostly designed for interior use. We recommend Minh Tiem Ceramics for ceramic goods such as sinks, urinals, bathroom accessories, and kitchen accessories. This company has professionals who excel at all interior ceramics and produce high-end decorative vases and coffee mugs.

If you want to produce creative ceramics that you can give away or sell, they are a great option. Minh Tiem Ceramics has been exported all over Europe and North America. They craft their products based on custom orders, and you can present them with your design or have them design the products for you.

The main advantage of Minh Tiem is that their team is big on design appeal. They’ve hired dozens of professional artists and sculptors who can work on your project and draft up unique handcrafted ceramics products.

Minh Tiem Ceramics has lots of kitchenware experience and guarantees their products will be microwave and dishwasher-safe. This is excellent news for clients in the retail kitchen space who want to order safe products that abide by import regulations in their home countries. Minh Tiem Ceramics is based out of Dong Nai province.

  • Tan Toan Phat Pottery

Tan Toan Phat Pottery is one of the most established ceramics manufacturers in Vietnam and a pioneer in the industry. Tan Toan Phat Pottery was established 65 years ago in Vietnam, and its ceramics products are made from various sturdy materials such as Atlantis, sandblast, black clay, terracotta, and more.

They have a huge inventory of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A few years ago, Tan Toan Phat Pottery expanded its product offer to the lightweight pottery products ideal for use in the kitchen. Tan Toan Phat Pottery’s main advantage is that it’s an established company with a large factory that is open for big orders.

If you’re a major importer and need to order high volume, this is the company to go for. They have over a century of experience, and they are one of the best-equipped and reputable manufacturers in the country.

  • Lam Thanh

Lam Thanh is an international exporter and producer of ceramics products. Their ceramics are all housewares, and they use materials such as terracotta, polystone, and terrazzo. Lam Thanh has exported all over the world and is one of Vietnam’s biggest ceramic exporters – their products can be found in the US, EU, and Australia. The company is open to international clients’ orders and offers convenient services such as help with the design process.

Their artists can help you design your ideal product, and their factories also meet international environmental standards. If you want products manufactured using safe materials that don’t pollute the environment, Lam Thanh is a great option.

  • Rosie Pottery

Rosie Pottery is the best ceramics company for outdoor ceramics and gardening ceramics. If you want to manufacture ceramics for plant growth, such as cement plant pots/planters, Rosie Pottery is the company to go for. The company specializes in gardening ceramics and has over 50 employees working full time who export 15 containers worth of products each month.

Their ceramics stand out with bright colours and beautiful cement planters. Each ceramic planter is handcrafted and hand-painted. This company has its values rooted in Vietnam’s handcrafted pottery tradition and takes decor to the next level. Rosie Pottery is based in Binh Duong province, the heart of the pottery industry in Vietnam.

Each product will be handcrafted by its artisans, which means your impact on the environment is minimized. Rosie Pottery is slightly more expensive than other outdoor ceramics manufacturers, but their ceramics add a unique touch to the manufacturing process and go above and beyond attention to detail. Their main collection is one of the glazed pots used for plant growth and is entirely hand-made/hand-painted.

  • Hoang Pottery

Hoang Pottery is one of the newest pottery design companies in Vietnam that was founded in 2013. Their service is catered toward retail shops and boutique retailers who want to sell outdoor/garden pottery.

The company brands its manufacturing efforts as “an attempt to create gorgeous ornamental earthenware for home and garden use.” Hoang Pottery exports to international clients in European countries and North America. They have contemporary designs and can fulfil large orders in their factory.

  • Ban Mai Pottery

Ban Mai Pottery is a full-service ceramics manufacturer based in Binh Duong province. They are an export-based company that only produces for the international market, and they offer a mix of indoor and outdoor use ceramics products. Their speciality is decoration items such as high-end vases.

They use a combination of red terracotta, black terracotta, zinc, light cement, and others. The company has a showroom where visitors can see their latest work and is open to international clients’ custom orders.

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