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Who Moved My Cheese

Dear friends, here we are going to offer the Who Moved My Cheese PDF for all of you. Who Moved My Cheese is one of the very famous and wonderful books. Through this book you can easily know about the amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life. It was written by Spencer Johnson.

Spencer Johnson is one of the very talented and popular American writers. Who Moved My Cheese was originally published on September 8, 1998. It is also known as one of the bestselling business book. The genre of this book is self-help, motivational, business fable, psychology, leadership and parable. It has sold almost 30 million copies worldwide in 37 languages as of 2018.

This fantastic self-help book got a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon.in, a 3.8/5 rating on Goodreads and a 4.5/5 rating on Flipkart. It is also liked by 93% of Google users. The text of Who Moved My Cheese describes the way one reacts to major changes in one’s work and life, and four typical reactions to those changes by two mice and two “Little people”, during their hunt for “cheese”.

Who Moved My Cheese PDF: Overview

Author Spencer Johnson
Country United States
Language English
Genre Self-help / motivational, Motivational, Business fable, Psychology, Leadership, Parable
Publisher Putnam Adult
Publication date
September 7, 1998
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 94 pp.
ISBN 0-399-14446-3
OCLC 38752984
Dewey Decimal
LC Class BF637.C4 J64 1998

Who Moved My Cheese Summary PDF

  • A group of classmates meets for a reunion. They talk about their lives so far and how they’ve dealt with problems and crises at home and work. One member, Michael, describes how his company almost floundered before he heard a story that changed his attitude and helped turn the company around.
  • He tells the story to the group: Long ago and far away, two mice and two very small people live together in a large Maze where they search for cheese. The mice, Sniff and Scurry, find a big stash of their favourite cheese; nearby, the “Little people,” Hem and Haw, also locate plenty of “Cheese,” in their case, the things in life that people desire.
  • They all settle in to enjoy the bounty. The mice keep their running shoes close by and daily check the station for any changes—cheese going bad or running short—while the humans store away their shoes, put on slippers, and simply enjoy their pile of Cheese.
  • One day, both types of Cheese run out. The mice, who saw it coming, immediately put on their running shoes and begin to search the rest of the Maze for more cheese. Sniff smells where a new supply might be, and Scurry runs quickly to that area. Soon, they find a huge stash of cheese and begin to enjoy it. Hem and Haw, meanwhile, are shocked that their cushy life has come to an end.
  • The hem is angry and believes others have moved the Cheese. Hem also believes they’re entitled to their Cheese and should wait for the others to return it. Haw isn’t so sure and wonders if they should search for new Cheese elsewhere. He refuses to budge.
  • After many hungry days, realizing that the Cheese won’t simply reappear, Haw finally heads out, scared and lonely, to search the Maze for more Cheese. Haw soon finds bits of Cheese here and there. Despite feelings of fear and confusion, Haw finds that the search is an invigorating adventure and not at all a disaster.
  • As insights occur, Haw writes them on the walls of the Maze, hoping Hem finally will venture out and use the notes as guides.
  • One day, Haw finds the giant Cheese stash where Sniff and Scurry now live. Overjoyed, Haw settles in but is careful to keep the running shoes nearby, in case this batch of Cheese runs out. Haw also takes daily tours of the Cheese station, checking for mouldy cheese or other signs of impending trouble. Haw wonders whether Hem ever will venture out to find more Cheese and whether the notes on the wall will help Hem’s search.
  • On hearing this story, the classmates discuss how it might apply to their own lives. Michael is grateful that they appreciate the parable, and he hopes they’ll share it with others.

About Spencer Johnson Who is the Writer of Who Moved My Cheese

Spencer Johnson
Born November 24, 1938

Watertown, South Dakota, US
Died July 3, 2017 (aged 78)

San Diego, California, US
Alma mater
  • University of Southern California
  • Royal College of Surgeons
Occupation Author, speaker, management consultant
Notable work
Who Moved My Cheese?, ValueTale series
Spouse(s) Lesley
  • Patrick Spencer Johnson was born on November 24, 1938, in Watertown, South Dakota.
  • Spencer was one of the very intelligent American physicians and authors.
  • He was also known for the ValueTales series of children’s books.
  • Patrick Spencer was best known for his 1998 self-help book named Who Moved My Cheese.
  • On the Publishers Weekly, Hardcover nonfiction list Moved My Cheese also recurred on the New York Times Bestseller list.
  • Spencer Johnson was the chairman of Spencer Johnson Partners.
  • In 1957 He graduated from Notre Dame High School of Sherman Oaks, California.
  • In 1963 He got received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Southern California.
  • Patrick Spencer Johnson medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
  • He lived in Hawaii and New Hampshire.
  • Spencer Johnson was employed by the Harvard Business School and the John F. Kennedy School of Government.
  • Patrick Spencer Johnson died on July 3, 2017, in San Diego at the age of 78.

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