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Yojana Magazine May 2022
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Yojana Magazine May 2022

Dear reader, if you are searching for Yojana Magazine May 2022 PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. Yojna is a magazine published in India in English, Hindi, and many other regional languages. The magazine presents different colors and opinions on any given topic thus presenting a balanced picture. Users can also read magazines in Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, etc…
It is the most important piece of government information and it increases the frequency with which questions are asked. Yojana Patrika helps you learn how to handle any problem in a balanced way and take constructive criticism.
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Yojana, a development journal P [published since 1957], is a thematic journal that provides in-depth analysis and views on socio-economic issues in the broader framework of government policies. Although published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the plan is not limited to expressing an official view.

Yojana Magazine May 2022 PDF – Importance

  1. Yojana Magazine online covers important socio-economic issues.
  2. Since the yojana magazine is published by the Government of India, the authenticity of the facts cant go wrong, and it can help the aspirants very well in the Mains exam where the candidates can quote the government’s perspective on different policies and schemes.
  3. Covers many topics including current affairs important for Essay and GS papers in UPSC Mains
  4. Reading the Yojana magazine also helps in the UPSC personality test/interview
  5. It contains credible information as it comes from the government itself – hence, can be safely used in the UPSC exam
  6. It generally gives both sides of the coin, i.e., both the pros and cons of an issue
  7. Topics covered include polity, governance, schemes, agriculture, economy, international relations, federalism, budget, banking, etc.

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